What is the best way to buy Lightroom in 2024?

What is the best way to buy Adobe Lightroom? How much does It cost? These questions pop up when we discuss the price or purchasing plan for Adobe Lightroom. Here, I’ll explain all the essential guides on buying Adobe Lightroom, buying Lightroom 6 outrights, or subscribing to Lightroom Classic. How can I forget about discount tips for you? It will explain. Let’s go and see the details of Adobe Lightroom price.

adobe price and buying guide
lightroom price

Profitable way to buy Adobe Lightroom

 The way to Adobe Lightroom in 2024 is to subscribe to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan (1TB). Why am I suggesting it? This plan includes the following;

  • Photoshop,
  • Lightroom Cloud base version,
  • Lightroom desktop + mobile
  • Regular updates,
  • Auto sync across devices
  • Adobe Lightroom Spark + portfolio

Lightroom Photography Plan has excellent features, regular updates, multi-device functionality,  and cloud storage. It is the best way to get Lightroom.

What is profitable Lightroom Price?

  • Lightroom with 20GB of cloud photo storage costs $9.99 monthly and $119.88 annually on an annual plan.
  • For a year 1TB plan, Lightroom costs $239.88 and translates into $ 19.99 per month.
photography plan

Photography Plan

Our # 1 Choice

  • 1TB Cloud Storage
  • Lightroom on Desktop + Mobile.
  • Photoshop on Desktop +iPad
  • Adobe Spark & Portfolio
photography 20GB

Photography Plan ( 20GB)

Great Value

  • 20 GB Cloud storage
  • Lightroom on Desktop + Mobile.
  • Photoshop on Desktop +iPad
  • Adobe Spark & Portfolio
all apps plan

All Apps Plan

  • 100GB Cloud
  • Include Entire Adobe Suite.
  • Adobe Stocks one month.
all apps plan for students & teachers

All Apps Plan For Students/Teachers

  • 100GB Cloud
  • Include Entire Adobe Suite.
  • Adobe Stocks one month.
  • 70% discount.

All Apps Plan For Team

  • 100GB Cloud
  • Include Entire Adobe Suite.
  • Adobe Stocks one month.
  • Collaboritive Editing
schools & uni

All Plans For Schools & Universities

  • 100GB Cloud
  • Include Entire Adobe Suite.
  • Adobe Stocks one month.
  • Easy sharing
Lightroom, Lightroom-Classic prices

What are the ways to obtain a discount on Lightroom?

Student discount: 

If you are a student or a teacher, you can save up to 70% on Adobe Creative Cloud, as Adobe offers a student Discount. Check to see if you qualify for their student discount.

Adobe promotion:

Keep on sight the official website of Adobe for promotional discounts, as Adobe offers special occasional discounts on events or holidays.

Annual Subscription:

The annual subscription plan is more cost-effective than monthly, saving money and time.

Bundle packages:

Check Adobe Creative Cloud plans. These plans bundle Lightroom with other software like Photoshop, offering substantial value for the price.

Educational institutions:

Some institutes or organisations have partnered with Adobe, offering members special discounts on access to Adobe plans.

Third-party retailer: 

Explore authorized Adobe resellers who may offer competitive prices on Adobe software.

Renewal discount:

Adobe offers a loyalty discount when you renew the plan; you must check it to take advantage of this offer.

Adobe Photography Plan:

If you are more interested in Lightroom, the photography plan is the best option for you, as it is our no. 1 choice. It is cost-friendly compared to a standalone Lightroom Subscription.

Tip : (If you are a newbie and don’t have money to buy any plan but want to practice and use Lightroom, get an advantage from Lightroom Mobile; it is free, and 70% of the features are unlocked. It is the best option for Android users).

Students discount for Lightroom

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan offers a discount for students. This comprehensive plan provides more than 20 apps designed for everyone. Students can access Lightroom on both desktop and mobile. The regular price of this plan is $54.99, but students can enjoy a discounted price of $19.99 per month. It is a generous offer from Adobe to support full-time education and encourage the development of creativity.

How do I download Lightroom for free?

  • You can download Lightroom for a free 7-day trial.
  • Click here to open the download page of Lightroom.
  • Click the blue button to start the free trial.
  • Select the plan that you want. ( suggested by us is a photography plan)
  • Choose your subscription billing option.
  • Enter email.
  • Enter your payment info( don’t change without ending the free trial).

What is the cheapest way to get Lightroom?

The cheapest way to get Lightroom for desktop is to subscribe to the 20GB Photography plan, which includes 20GB Cloud Photo Storage, for $9.99. It is not cheaper for an annual subscription.

Six reasons why it’s better to subscribe to Lightroom than to buy?

  • You can get the fastest, optimized version of Lightroom.
  • You can use all the best Lightroom features.
  • You can get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, formally called Lightroom CC.
  • You can get Adobe Photoshop on a desktop.
  • You can sync back your edit on Photoshop for 
  • iPad.
  • Camera supported.

What is the difference between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom CC is a cloud-based software designed for photographers who want to access images online on various devices such as mobile, web, and desktops. Its interface is more simplified and streamlined but more potent than Lightroom Classic. Lightroom CC offers powerful editing and organizing tools for travelling photographers who want to edit their photos from mobile phones or iPads. It is called the Lightroom mobile app, which is a perfect editing app for newbies.

Lightroom Classic is a desktop-based program that uses only desktops. It is also called Lightroom PC. It uses local storage for data. It contains everything from an image library on a complex drive to editing and printing. For more details, read the book Lightroom vs. Lightroom Classic.

Free Lightroom Alternatives

There are numerous free Lightroom Alternatives.

Apple Photos:

Apple photos are best for those who don’t want professional editing. This software is automatically installed on Mac computers and set up to sync with your other Apple devices via iCloud. It has features for organizing photo edits, supports RAW files, and many other tools that help in basic editing like cropping, color selecting, levels, curves, etc. 


Google has developed the most popular mobile photography app, Snapseed, available for Android or iOS. With over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, it is the most popular but free Lightroom alternative. It is a feature-rich editing app that offers comprehensive editing tools and filters. More details about the Lightroom vs. Snapseed database are available on the internet. For more information, read Lightroom vs. Snapseed.

Capture One:

Capture One is powerful software and one of the best alternatives to Adobe Lightroom. It has extensive tools and powerful RAW file editing capabilities. In tethered shooting qualities for collaboration or teamwork capture, one is more reliable and fast than Lightroom. In image cataloging, when you use layers, you can make tethered local and keystone adjustments in Capture One. Moreover, it has a customizable interface, precise color control like shadow, mid-tone, and highlights, and a channel dedicated to skin tone. There are differences between Lightroom and Capture One, but you must try if you are searching for good and free alternatives.


Yes, Lightroom for Mobile is a free version of Lightroom for iOS and Android users.

Yes, Adobe offers many discounts, occasionally, for students, teachers and photographers.

Yes, Lightroom offers a seven-day free trial.

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

yes, for mobiles, Lightroom is a free app.

Final words

Finally, I recommend the Photography 1TB plan and am quite satisfied with my selection. However, you have many options when buying a Lightroom Plan. You should choose according to your choice and price, which suits and meets your needs. If you want a cheaper way to buy Lightroom, go with the 20GB plan, which costs $9.99 monthly with Adobe Creative Photo Cloud.

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