Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Lightroom is a well-known photo editing software.  By working with this software in a short time, we needed to use keyboard shortcuts, which made our work not only fast but also save time. Let’s see some Lightroom keyboard shortcuts keys to make our lives easy and safe.

lightroom keyboard shortcuts

Before starting, I will clarify some things:

There is no “Ctrl” key in Mac, but its alternative key, “Command,” is present. Knowing how to customize Lightroom keyboard shortcuts is essential before going into details of these keys.

  • In Macbook: Command + Option + /
  • Window : Ctrl + Alt +/

Customizing the keys makes our work efficient but also quick and safe. 

Basic Navigation & Organization Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

Crop & Rotate (C)

MacOS: C

Windows: C

Detail (D)

MacOS: D

Windows: D

Edit (E)

MacOS: E

Windows: E

Full Screen (F)

MacOS: F

Windows: F

Grid ( G)

MacOS: G

Windows: G

Info (I)

MacOS: I

Windows: I


MacOS: K

Windows: K

Cut, Copy & Paste

MacOS:  For Cut, use (Command + X); For Copy ( Command + C); For Paste ( Command + V).

Windows: For Cut, use (Ctrl + X), For Copy ( Ctrl + C), For Paste ( Ctrl+ V).

Undo & Redo

MacOS:  For Undo use, (Command + Z), For Redo ( Shift + Command + Z).

Windows: For Undo use, (Ctrl + Z), For Redo (Shift + Ctrl + Z).

Additional Common Shortcuts

Following additional Adobe Lightroom keyboard shortcuts are taken from Adobe.

Keys For Working With Panels:

keys for working with panel

Keys For Working in the Book Module:

keys for working in the book module

Keys For Using Secondary Windows:

keys for using secondary windows

Keys For Changing Views and Screen Modes:

Keys for changing views and screen modes


Hopefully, these shortcuts will be helpful for you; they make the task easy and efficient. I prefer these shortcuts for making my work fast and effective. If you need clarification about Lightroom, you can check Lightroom Alternatives, or if you want to look for the difference between Lightroom and other apps like Capture One, Snapseed, and Photoshop, you can check them and clarify your mind. One more thing: Lightroom Mobile has 70% free features, so you can download it on your mobile device and get an advantage. Enjoy editing! 

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