How to smooth skin in Lightroom?

Everyone wants to look beautiful in a photo with soft, smooth, and bright skin. Naturally, no one has such a perfect skin tone with a fair complexion, no spots, and smooth, healthier, glowy skin. But we all want perfection in photos. So Adobe Lightroom has these features to make our photos perfect according to our choice in just a few clicks. Here, we will discuss how to smooth skin in Lightroom in detail.

smooth skin in lightroom

Method to smooth skin in Lightroom

To get smooth skin, first of all;
we have to remove all the spots and pimples on the skin. We will use the “ bandage OR spot removal” tool. Choose the heal bandage option and set its size according to spots. After setting them up, apply a heal bandage on spots and pimples. To get better results, you can zoom in on that area.

spot removal tool

Our next step is to make smooth skin in Lightroom. Here, we will discuss some basic adjustments.

  • For this, we will click a tool named “ adjustment brush(k).” there are many options here, like exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow, whites, black, and many more.
  • You will increase their value by default. There are other options like clarity, sharpness, noise, etc.
  • You will decrease their value according to photo needs.
  • Then, apply the tool “adjustment brush.
brush tool
  • You can increase or decrease the tool size manually or by default.
  • Apply the tool on the face where smoothness is needed, except for the eyebrows and eyes.
  • Hide the “mask,” and you will see the skin smooth.
  • Now, manually increase the other options’ values, like exposure, highlight, etc.

Move toward detail adjustments.

In detail adjustment, we will increase sharpness and decrease the noise reduction. You can make adjustments according to skin choice.

smooth skin in Lightroom

Now your photo has become smooth.


Smooth skin makes the photo feel too good, especially the portrait. Lightroom with user-friendly tools, makes this process easy for everyone. Experience this easy technique to edit their images. Not everybody, behind the camera is a fashion photographer and not everyone in front of camera is a fashion model, that’s why smooth skin is a important.

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