How to Batch edit in Lightroom( CC & Classic)

Batch editing is a quick way to edit your multiple photos and videos, where you can apply the same style and adjustments in multiple photos and videos at once. It is like editing multiple files at once, saving time and making workflow efficient. There are many ways to batch edit in Lightroom (CC and Classic). Let’s discuss them.

batch edit in Lightroom

Methods of batch edit in Lightroom

There are various methods of batch edit in Lightroom, lets discuss them below.

Method 1: Copy and paste method from one photo to another;

If you have applied the edits and presets in one photo and you want the same setting on batch edits in Lightroom CC and Classic, just copy all settings and paste them into the rest of the photos.

Step 1: Choose an image that you want to edit. Press Command + C ( On Mac) or Ctrl + C (On Windows) to copy all the settings.

Copy/Paste Batch edit in Lightroom

Step 2: Choose specific adjustment settings instead of all, for example, if you want to choose color adjustment instead of light, press Command+Shift+C ( in Mac ) and Ctrl+Shift+C (In Windows). It will open a dialog box in front of you where you have options for choosing which type of setting you want to copy. You can also use the select menu to choose between categories of changes including All, Modified, and Default.

Step 3: Hold down Command(on Mac) and Ctrl (on Windows) and click on the image you want to paste the selected setting. Then hit Command+V (on Mac) and Ctrl+V (on Windows) to paste all the settings in images.

Method 2: Apply presets during import;

  • To apply changes in a group of photos or videos, import them in Lightroom and go to preference>import.
  • Locate the” apply during import” pane. It is just on the right side of the screen. 
  • In the “apply during import” panel choose and select the presets. It will automatically apply to all the images that you import.
  • Once you have chosen presets, proceed with the import process as you normally would. Lightroom will apply the selected presets in all the images during import.
  • Make sure the preset setting is automatically applied to all the images that you import into Lightroom.
Batch edit in Lightroom

Method 3: apply presets in the library module;

If you don’t want to apply presets during import, you can apply this method.it is the same as the previous one except for one thing. That one extra thing is you have to select all the images that you want to apply the preset.

Method 4: batch edit in Lightroom with the Synchronisation option;

Synchronization is the more accurate and in-detail editing method as compared to custom batch edits. 

  • Click on the ‘ Develop” module, located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Edit the first image in your batch. Carefully apply all the adjustments because sync the setting of the edited image to the rest of the images.
Batch edit in Lightroom
  • Carefully apply the ratio of color, lighting, and white balance from the “Develop”  module.
  • In the top right of your screen there is a sync button, click on it.
  • A catalog box will open in front of you where you can adjust the sync settings according to your choice.
  • Click on the synchronization button to apply the changes to all selected photos.

Method: 5 Batch Edit in Lightroom with Metadata;

Metadata is the story behind a photograph, that is automatically recorded when your camera clicks a photo. It tells us how to image file created, when and where. It also contain information about the content of the photos such as date of capture, lens setting, color setting, time of day and more. It identifies the photographer and shows how the image was edited. In Lightroom we can edit metadata for batches of photos, making it easier to manage and organize photo collection.

Step1: Select the group of photos which have the same metadata like date of capture and camera model.

Step2: To edit metadata information such as keywords details, copyright etc., go to the metadata model in library module. In right side of the library module, scroll over the “Apply During  Import” box. Select New under metadata bar, it will open comprehensive box with various options.

Batch edit in Lightroom

Step3: After making the necessary changes, select “ Sync Metadata” option to apply all these changes into selected photos. Make sure to review the changes.

Method 5: Use ‘Auto Sync’ To Automatically Synchronize Edit;

Auto sync is just like so real time mechanism, and when we apply a change in a photo it will automatically update on all the batch. Simple steps to use auto sync is as fellow.

Step1: Enter the Develop module of the Lightroom classic, and select all the images that you want to make changes simultaneously by holding Control (Windows) or command(Mac) and clicking on them.

Step2: Enable “Auto Sync” located at the bottom of the Develop module. Sometime this option is hidden by default. It may not always be displayed until you activate it.

Batch edit in Lightroom

Step3: edit the first image in your batch according to the desired adjustments, these changes will apply all the selected photos. Review the changes individually on each photos if necessary.

How to batch edit in Lightroom Mobile.

  • Lightroom Mobile has a different workflow as compared to the Lightroom CC and Classic.
  • Lightroom mod APK is easier to use than Lightroom CC and Classic.

Let’s see the method.

  • Import your batch images to the lightroom, by clicking on the plus icon or import option.
  • In the grid view tap on the selected photo, and then choose the edit option to open the editing panel.
  • At the top of the screen, there is a “Develop module”. Click on it and see the copy option.
Batch edit in Lightroom
  • After finding the copy icon, tap it to copy the edits made to the first photo.
  • Back to grid view, tap on the photos that you wish to edit, and press the paste icon of all the edits that you made in the first photo.
  • Review the edited photos, and make any fine-tuning where needed
  • Once you satisfied with the edits, click on export or save button to save the edited batch.

Final words

As we saw batch edit in Lightroom is a quick and time-saving method for editing many photos or videos at once. In this tutorial of batch edit in Lightroom, method 1 copy/paste, is very easy and efficient and can be applied to multiple photos. In other words, all the methods discussed above are easy and helpful in batch editing. We tried our best to explain all the ways in simple words. Hopefully, it will help you in batch editing. But your opinions and tips are always welcome.

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