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All the Older versions of Lightroom APK are available here. Download whatever you want from here.

Adobe Lightroom Old Versions (All Versions) APks Download

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Adobe Lightroom v9.0.1

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v9.0.0

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v8.5.1

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v8.5.0

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v8.4.2

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v8.3.2

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v8.2.2

Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v7.3.1

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Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v6.1.0

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Lightroom old versions

Lightroom APK is a powerful photo editing application. The developer of this app is Adobe. It is a consistent contender in the top 10 apps as the popularity of Adobe Lightroom increases the competition. However, the developer constantly updating and releasing new versions. Here is updated version history of Lightroom Mobile for Android. Though with its latest versions, some Android users experience compatibility issues and speed slowdown.

Many people are satisfied with the version that they are already use and don’t want to switch in to the latest version. For instance, latest version of Adobe Lightroom Apk or Alight Motion Mod Apk latest version. In the following article, we’ll explain the benefits of using Adobe Lightroom old versions with its attributes of enhancing the editing experience.

Advantages of Using Lightroom Old Versions

The latest version has some new updates that are not available in older ones, but sometimes, with new updates, some unnecessary changes are also made that are optional and no longer needed; they just create a load on the app and disrupt its functionality. After being updated, its older version was removed from the official Google Play Store, and an updated version has added.; You may already have older versions. I have downloaded all the above given versions from a separate website like lrapk.com. Download all Lightroom APK old versions.

The advantages of using old versions are listed below ;

  • Influential efficiency and solidness.
  • Affinity with other Android phones.
  • Maintain editing flow.
  • Erased glitches.

Let’s explain here;

Influential efficiency and solidness

When we talk about the advantages of using an old version of Adobe Lightroom APK, it depicts that it has the potential for good performance and stability. When we install newer versions of the application, the processing speed gets lower.

To get an outstanding and stable editing experience, going towards the older version of Adobe Lightroom is a good option. The application will have gone through tests for different Android version designs, which will result in excellent performance.

Affinity with other Android phones

Undoubtedly, older Android devices need help to keep up with the latest technological advances in the app. Adobe designed the app software according to Android devices’ hardware requirements of the new application Adobe Lightroom APK. So, older Android devices can get the same benefit from Adobe Lightroom mod APK features.

Maintain editing flow

Software developers Adobe introduce new features and improvements in the app. Although it brings better changes, the editor relies on older updates and maintains the editing flow with older preset templates. The new update affects their work productivity by changing the user interface, layout, or functionality that may require adjustment. Updates are essential to keep the software functioning smoothly.

Erased glitches

New updates brought by Lightroom app developer Adobe continue changes in the app, which include security maintenance, the introduction of new features, and glitches, which continuously get changes in the app interface and layout. However, these updates are essential for the app to run correctly.

Using Adobe Lightroom’s older version means allowing work in a familiar and updateless environment.


You’ve seen all the older versions of the Adobe Lightroom app with their advantages. Now, you can download your desired older version of the Lightroom app. No doubt, working with the latest or updated version is more advantageous. Still, in the older version, you may experience improved efficiency, maintain editing flow, remove bugs, and many other features unavailable in the new version. So download older versions and enjoy editing.

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