Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK v9.2.0 Premium Unlocked

Lightroom MOD APK is a premium version of Lightroom APK, the best photo and video editing application, Adobe Lightroom. Download its latest version for your Android and enjoy all the features.

version: 9.2.0

size: 124MB

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Info

App name
Adobe Lightroom
GenresPhotography and Videography
App nameAdobe Lightroom MOD APK
App version9.2.0
Android requirements8.0 and up
Mod featuresPremium unlocked
Published byAdobe
Last update1 day ago
Release onDec 2023
source: Google Play Store

For successful blogging, it has must to create an attractive profile with a decent visual look of personality. No doubt, editing boosts confidence, and so many people are passionate about capturing images with their Android devices, and here is the need to have their photo editor app. So, the most well-known software developer, Adobe, introduced an app(Lightroom) that is combination of both, powerful camera and fantastic photo editor options to fulfill the users’ requirement.

Lightroom MOD APK is a free and easy-to-use app for both beginners and professional photographers all over the world. It helps you to capture photos and edit them stunningly with practical presets, filters, color gradients, and more. Lightroom MOD is not just an app; it’s a magical formula that will add light to your photos. It is the best photography app until now. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Lightroom MOD APK

About Lightroom Photo Editor 

Lightroom is a photo editing app, in which images are process and organize. In 2007, It is developed by Adobe, a well known software developer in photographic world. This app name based on darkroom used for processing light sensitive photographic material. Initially, it is only supported windows operating systems, but after 2017, it was expanded to support mobile operating systems with the release of Lightroom mobile. Basic function of Adobe Lightroom is image importing, saving, viewing, editing, organizing and sharing. Lightroom editing function include shadow twitching, color gradients, and green and blue backgrounds, like the greenscreen photo effect, presets and many others tools. Adobe Lightroom supported on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

What is Lightroom MOD APK?

Adobe Lightroom APK is a 100% free app readily available in the Play Store and Apple App Store, and its 60 to 70% features are free of cost, and many features are still locked depend on subscription plans. If you have a premium subscription, you can enjoy them.

But Lightroom mod APK is a modified version of Adobe Lightroom, with fully unlocked features and premium tools. By having Adobe Lightroom cc mod APK, You can use all advanced tools and the latest easy-to-use presets on your mobile phone for editing photos and videos without spending any money. Although Lightroom mod apk is not an official app but it is fully secured and provides all that in free of cost which have not easily accessible in official app without getting any subscription.

Lightroom MOD info
  • 200+ Effective presets unlocked
  • Free ads
  • No login is required
  • The image import problem was resolved
  •  HD quality export
  • Unwanted permission removed
  • unnecessary files removed
  • Maintained image quality
  • Duplicate files removed
  • Debug info removed
  • Analytics/ crash reports/ Firebase disabled
  • Optimized and zip-aligned graphics and cleaned resources for optimized speed.

Features of Adobe Lightroom MOD APK

 Pro Camera For Capturing Wonderful Photos

As mentioned above, Adobe introduced a powerful camera tool in Lightroom Mobile APK for capturing incredible photos. It allows you to take beautiful shots at any time, anywhere, just like having a professional camera in your pocket. Its HDR quality lets you to capture photos from brightest to darkest mode and recreate the scene exactly. The app also allows you to capture photos in RAW Format, providing you more time and control over editing. It is more convenient tool for clicking shots anytime and anywhere.

Perfect Photo Editor And Reel Makers

Lightroom pro APK is not just a photo editing app; it has terrific video or reel editing features. Users can edit their raw clips or reels according to their choice, trim, presets addition, visual effects, audio addition, voice-over, add text, color gradients, brightness, contrast, sharpness, tone, exposure, etc. from simple to advanced. In Lightroom everybody from beginners to professional, can get benefits by using its unique easy-to-use tools. They can record before and after videos of editing to showcase your editing skills. 

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is an AI based technology, combined with Adobe product, used to add tag in images, and this tag is helpful in finding related images and improves user experience with providing unique features for creative projects.

Numerous Filters And Presets

Another exceptional feature of Lightroom Premium is its numerous filters and presets, providing users with unlimited creative options. These outstanding filters allow photo editing from vivid to faded effects, which completely change the look and feel of your image in just a few clicks. Lightroom offers a vast collection of pre adjusted effective presets which are helpful in editing your images quickly. Additionally, if you have edited a picture by yourself, you can save those setting for later use, it will help to make your workflow fast and save your time.

Simple Layout

In this app, users will experience the easiest way of editing as every tool is arranged in a sequence. At the top of the screen is an icon where users can click back to choose their raw photos for editing. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button for editing. Tools are available there, and users can make their picture look good just in a few clicks; it is the whole simple layout of this app.

Cloud Storage

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK premium unlocked version provides unlimited storage to save edited and original photos in a cloud. By installing Lightroom Clouds, you can share your photos or albums with others and create web galleries and collaborations. A useful benifit of Lightroom Cloud is that any photo that you import in one device automatically synchronized other devices where you have installed Lightroom Cloud. It make sure that your photos are consistent across all the devices.

Cloud storage has a disadvantage, i.e., it depends on your subscription plan. If you want more storage, you have to upgrade your plan, or you can manage it by deleting your unimportant and useless photos.

Image Organization

Lightroom also has two systems for image organization. These systems are the catalog system and Adobe Sensei. Catalog system is also called non-destructive photo editing used to store history about image, like exposure adjustment, all database changes will be stored and original image will remain intact and untouched. Catalog is used to organize and manage photo collection efficiently, store information and allow users to find images without wasting time.

Adobe Sensei is used to add tag in images, and this tag is helpful in finding related images without time consumption. For example if you add different tags in different photos like “nature”, “selfies”, or beach, later when you search for all nature photos, you will just click on related tag and all photos will appear in front of you in just a sec and same for others tags. Adobe Sensei make the process simple and easy, effortless finding in search of photos that you are looking for in Lightroom catalog. There are also different ways in Lightroom for image organization.

  • Creating folders.
  • Add tag.
  • Add time map filters.
  • Add geotagging.

color Gradient

Lightroom also gives a color gradient feature, that allow smooth transition between different colors. It is a gradual blend between different two or more colors to create different look in your photos. These gradients may create linear, radial or other complex looks used in design for background, shading and to add depth and visual interest in your photos.

Lightroom Mod APK Features

No, ads

There is no ad destruction in this pro version of Lr mod apk, you can edit photos in a peaceful environment without any disturbance.

Unlocked Premium

This mod version of Lightroom contains all the pro features unlocked, and you can enjoy them free of cost without spending a single penny.

No Login Required

One more beneficial feature of this app is ‘no need to log in.’ You can ignore the login process by clicking “x” on the top of the login screen. Users can directly enter into editing without creating an account. This feature is helpful in the quick editing process.

Free and Secure

The Lightroom APK free version is fully secure and all the security threats are checked by developer and fixed. Lightroom premium APK with all unlocked features is free and you can use them without spending your money. It is a fully secure version and you can get the original version without any cost.

Unlocked Presets

Another bomb feature of this Lightroom mod APK download is unlocked presets. This Lr mod apk contains 200+ unlocked presets, and you can also import them from other photographers. You can add custom presets and exports them.

No Watermark

This Lightroom pro APK contains a watermark option, which depends on your choice. You can edit your photo without a watermark, or if you want to add a watermark advertisement, you can do so. But its not compulsory, you can export your photos without a watermark.


How to Download And Install.

To download Lightroom premium version, just follow these steps.

 First, go to your Play Store and write the application name on the search bar.

        An alternative option is; 

Click on the download APK button provided by for downloading.

lightroom mod APK download screenshot

Go to your mobile setting  security option  and “enable unknown resources.”

lightroom mod APK download screenshot

Please wait for the download, as it may take a few seconds.

In the last step, tap the” install” button and wait until the installation is done.

lightroom mod APK download screenshot

Click on the ” open” button.

Cheers! Your latest  2024 version of Lightroom Mod APK premium unlocked is ready to use.

lightroom mod APK download screenshot

For more old versions, check out the following Download APK button.

Download Lightroom for your pC/windows

Follow these instructions to download Lightroom for PC.

On PC, the Lightroom Pro downloading process is a little different.

You should have windows 10 in your system and memory storage up to 4GB.

You should have an emulator(Bluestacks or Nox player) to run Android APK files on your PC.

Download Lightroom for your iOS

On iOS, the downloading process of Adobe Lightroom is different from Android. Follow these steps to download Lightroom on your iOS device.

Go to the app store and search for Lightroom photo editor.

Click on Get  to download Lightroom on your iOS device, and then allow some permissions from your iOS device.

After allowing permissions, you will be able to edit your videos.

What’s new in v9.4.2:

(Updated on 10March, 2024)

The new version(9.4.2) of Lightroom Mobile MOD APK has following updated features as compared to old versions.

  • updated camera and lens support.
  • Introduced AI features for background blurring.
  • Improved editing experience.
  • Connect with support from Adobe community.
  • Editing process made fast and optics tools automatically enable swipe-up and more.

adobe Lightroom Top Alternatives

Here is the list of Lightroom app alternatives in 2024 which you can use to edit images and videos.

  • Picsart app
  • Apple Photos
  • Darktable
  • Luminor AI
  • Capture One
  • Snapseed

Lightroom Guidance

Whenever we download any application on the device, we grant some permissions to run from the device. Lightroom MOD APK has the exact requirements. For the use of Lightroom Premium on the device, we should allow some permissions for its proper functioning. After granting permission, the Lightroom Pro version can easily access our phone gallery for photo editing. The standard version of Lightroom allows limited features to edit photos and videos. But Lightroom MOD APK allows unlimited filters, tools, and many other features free of cost to edit your pictures quickly.

rating & Reviews

Lightroom has excellent reviews and ratings with 100 plus millions downloads. Nowadays, Lightroom MOD APK is the most demanding app in the market, with 2 million reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating. You can also download it from our webpage and enjoy all its features freely.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Lightroom Mobile

  • Both photo and video editing faculty are available within a one-stop shop.
  • Fully free premium version with numerous features.
  • No ad interruptions.
  • The photo was edited smoothly and exported with HD quality.
  • For storage, provide Adobe Creative Clouds.
  • This mod version provide all the premium features unlocked.
  • For professional users, hardware demands issues.
  • Photos do not print out directly from the app.
  • For many devices, this app is not performing well.
  • Certain users face mulfunctioning while using the app.


Yes, it is fully safe and secure, and its developer successfully checked all the threats. 

Free Lightroom Premium is available in 7-day free trial. 

Yes, there is a free version of Lightroom Pro.

No, the mod app is not illegal.

yes, we can edit Videos through Lightroom APK.

Yes, for new users, there are seven days free trail.

At higher level, Lightroom is better than photoshop because Lightroom has more space for manage thousand of photos.

yes, for mobiles, Lightroom is a free app.


Hopefully, we have provided you with all the information in our site( that you were looking for about Lightroom Mod APK . It is the best Photo and video editing app of 2024. As I discussed above, this app offers multiple super excellent features for photo and video editing. So by downloading this unlocked mod version of Lightroom, you can get all the premium and mod functions like, unlocked presets, no login required, no ads, free and secure usage, and without water mark. Reading is not enough about it; you have to download it and experience all its features. There is much to explore about this app, and I am sure you will find a clear difference between Lightroom Mod and other editing apps, PIXELAB and VISCO PHOTO EDITOR. If you have any query or suggestion about Lightroom, feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Adobe Inc.; Lightroom is a registered trademark of Adobe.